Monday, August 9, 2010

A message from Brady...

Hi, I'm Brady, and, I'm 11 months old today! Mommy can't believe in one more month, I will officially become a toddler.

I'm a sweet little guy, with an amazing, great-spirited personality. Everyday I do things that remind mommy of daddy or of herself! I LOVE to dance, which works out for mommy because so does she! I am not walking yet, but I am sure close. I love to feed myself (especially black eyed peas and shells-n-cheese, mommy's specialty) and I'm not a big fan of mommy making me eat with a spoon. I can use a straw now so I get juice boxes! I have three teeth and I think I feel a second top one coming in. I've done very well teething...I even let mommy brush my teeth for a second before I take over.

Hope all is well with everyone. I love you!

I found the toilet paper!

Me & Diesel watching TV.

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