Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"aye you, mommy...."

"Aye you, mommy...." (that's 'love you' in Brady language) The best words ever I have yet to hear from my precious little man. So much has changed since my last blog, but I figure I should at least attempt to capture some moments. After all, these days, who uses scrapbooks any more? I wish I did...

Brady will be 2 in September, something I can't believe! Justin and I will be parents to a "real" toddler! Ah! And a toddler he is.

He is now completely weened off his "bebe" or paci except for at night and is officially in a big boy bed! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy hearing his little feet in the morning and looking up and there is my guy, with three stuffed animals in tow. Perfect.

While these months have been filled with happiness and joy as we experience our child growing, April brought sadness, too. We lost our sweet Malibu to cancer. I never imagined losing a doggy would be this hard, but being in that room with her was the single, hardest thing I have ever had to do. I know we did the right thing, at the right time, and that God was just in a hurry to meet our sweet girl. We love and miss you so much, Boobers. You are irreplaceable. And Brady still looks out at your flower and says "boo boo." Keep an eye on us, will ya?