Monday, June 29, 2009

pregger pics

here are a few pictures from our maternity photo shoot. boy, it was h-o-t. my friend, trisha, made me take them. she said i would regret it forever if i didn't. needless to say, i was NOT thinking of pleasing trisha when i was sweating my booty off. justin was such a trooper. i think he was sweating even more than me, but he was still fanning me and making sure his baby mama was a-ok!

the pictures were taken by trisha's oldest sister, Jennifer. boy is she talented. check out her web site!

baby brady

here is a picture of baby brady in 3D! here, he is 30 weeks old. isn't he handsome? only 10 more weeks to go! pray it goes quickly, please!

the blankenship blog

welcome to the blankenship blog! here, you can follow the blankenship family-daddy Justin, mommy Paige, big sister and brother doggies Malibu and Diesel, and soon, baby Brady-on their journey through life. laugh with us, share with us, learn with us and pray for us as we live and love through the many wonderful changes that we are about to embark upon as a family.
all our love...