Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 months old...

My, how time flies. I cannot believe baby Brady is 10 months old. Even more so, he will be one year old in two months! Soon, he will be toddler Brady!

Brady is a crawling machine and loves to pull himself up on everything. I mean, everything...enter head bonks; one of Brady's several firsts this past month.

Another first--Brady's first airplane trip. We flew to Kansas City, MO to see Justin's dad, aunt/uncle/cousins and grandparents. Mommy was very nervous about the flight, but Brady did great! He even slept...both ways!

We had so much fun visiting the Blankenship family in Kansas City. Mommy got to rest her feet while the family force took over. Brady is sure loved :) and mommy is sure grateful. In Kansas City, it's legal to shoot fireworks wherever and whenever. Paige turned from an adult-child who would join the party in a heartbeat, to a new-mommy who found herself yelling "if those kids don't stop that!" on more than one occasion. Brady did great, though, and slept-for the most part-through the crackles and pops.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July-however you spent it-and remembered how lucky we are to live in America. Love to all!

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