Wednesday, September 30, 2009

three weeks old...

growing boy...

baby Brady is three weeks old today! my, how the time has gone by fast. he has already gained a pound and two inches. he weighs 11 pounds and 12 ounces and now measures 23 inches long. what a big boy! mommy and daddy are doing well. with a good night comes a bad one. but one little smirk on that precious boy's face and it's all worth it. brady doesn't open his eyes much, but when he does, he's such a cutie! he hasn't been out to the world yet, too many koodies, but soon. diesel and malibu sure do love their new brother, but boy are they tired! we're making memories every day and loving every moment of it.

mommy & brady.

daddy & brady.

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  1. Hi Paige! Brady is adorable. You look wonderful and Trish tells me you are a fab mommy. Kiss and hold on to him before he's running in the other direction! You won't believe how fast it will go.